"Touch Love" Feast of Saint Mark at Ca' Beltà


Aprile 25, 2024    
11:30 am - 6:00 pm


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Come to Discover Ca’ Beltà’s Authentic Creations and Receive a rosebud of San Marco


The San Marco festival, a traditional celebration honoring the patron saint of Venice, Saint Mark the Evangelist, extends beyond religious ceremonies: it also encompasses a cherished tradition called the “bocolo,” symbolizing a love that transcends life itself.

The legend tells of Tancredi, in love with Maria, the Doge’s daughter, who sets off for Spain to seek her father’s consent but meets his end on the battlefield.

Dying amidst a rose garden, his blood stains a rose red. With his last breath, Tancredi entrusts his friend Orlando with the task of delivering the flower to Maria.

When the girl, upon receiving the sad news and the rose, fades away in grief, she carries with her the indelible symbol of their eternal love. This dramatic event occurs on April 25th, the feast day of Saint Mark.

Subsequently, to perpetuate this poignant story, the tradition of giving the “bocoło,” a red rosebud, during the feast of Saint Mark is born.

This gesture is not only a tribute to the eternal love of Tancredi and Maria but also symbolizes the hope to strengthen love and overcome difficulties, thus cementing the bond between lovers.

The rose itself, a flower laden with meanings of love, beauty, and rebirth, thus becomes not only a gift but also a message of kindness, gratitude, and wishes of happiness and prosperity for anyone who receives it.

On the occasion of the San Marco festival, we invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty and elegance of our exclusive atelier dedicated to authentic and feminine clothing.

During the event, in addition to delighting in a refined aperitif, you will also receive a rosebud as a gift, symbolizing beauty and love.

It will be a special day dedicated to beauty and femininity…


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